Create database scoped credential with managed identity

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CREATE DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL msi_cred WITH IDENTITY = 'Managed Service Identity' ; 4. External Data Source created in SQL Pool: CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE ext_datasource_with_abfss WITH ( TYPE = HADOOP , LOCATION = 'abfss://[email protected]' , CREDENTIAL = msi_cred ) ; 5. When I am. Applications. 6) Credentials Next step is to create a credential which will be used to access the Storage Account. For a Managed Identity you don't use secrets:--Credential CREATE DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL bitools_msi WITH IDENTITY = 'Managed Service Identity'; Tip: Give the credential a descriptive name so that you know where it is used for. CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE ext_datasource_with_abfss WITH (TYPE = hadoop, LOCATION = 'abfss://<container>@<your_storage_account_name>', CREDENTIAL = msi_cred); GO This documentation should be a single go-to outlining all the different variants, if not at least to make customers lives easier. Document Details. GO CREATE DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL [cred-name] WITH IDENTITY = 'db-user' , SECRET = 'password' GO. Also, you can check if the scoped credential using the following query: SELECT * FROM sys.database_scoped_credentials WHERE credential_identity='db-user'. I'm using SSMS version 17.2, but I'm not sure if this matters since errors would come from.
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